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Saving Selected Product Data as CGR

Selected products in a CATProcess document can be saved as a CGR file. The respective representations and graphical properties of the selected products saved into the resulting CGR.

  1. Select one or more products in the PPR tree. Selections can be made from both the product list and the resource list.


  2. Right-click to display the contextual menu.


  3. Select the Save submenu to access Save As CGR.
    The Selection Preview panel appears, displaying the preview of the selection.
    Note: If a representation or graphical property of the selected product exists only transiently, e.g. inside another command, the representation or graphical property is not saved. Anything that is not visible in the window is not saved.


  4. Select Save CGR. The Save As dialog is displayed with a default file name.


  5. Select Save to save the CGR file.

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