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Saving Drawings to Your Hard Drive or Network Drive

If your project team is at a single location, or you are working independently,
you may choose to save your work to a physical disk drive. When you save an AutoCAD file for the first time by choosing Save, you can designate a name for the file and a folder in which to store it. I recommend that you create a special folder, called something like AutoCAD NER, for storing the files you’ll generate as you work your way through this book. This will keep them separate from project work already on your computer, and you’ll always know where to save or find a training drawing. To save your drawing, follow these steps:
1. In AutoCAD, click the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar or choose
Save from the Application menu. Because you haven’t named this file
yet, the Save Drawing As dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 3.20.

Saving Drawings to Your Hard Drive or
F igu re 3 . 2 0 : The Save Drawing As dialog box

The Save button in the Quick Access toolbar, the Application
menu ➢ Save option, and the Ctrl+S key combination actually
invoke the QSAVE (Quick Save) command in AutoCAD. QSAVE asks
for a filename only when the drawing has not yet been saved for the
first time, after which it simply overwrites the existing file without
prompting. Entering the SAVE command at the command line
(SAVE↵) always opens the Save Drawing As dialog box, where the filename
and path are modified.

2. In the Save In drop-down list, designate the drive and folder where
you want to save the drawing. If you’re saving it on the hard drive
or server, navigate to the folder in which you want to place the new
AutoCAD NER folder.
3. Click the Create New Folder button near the top-right corner of the
dialog box. The folder appears in the list of folders and is highlighted.
It’s called New Folder, and a cursor flashes just to the right of the
highlighting rectangle.
4. Type AutoCAD NER↵ (or whatever name you want to give the new folder).
5. Double-click the new folder to open it.
6. In the File Name box, change the name to I03A-FPLAYO (M03A-FPLAYO).
You’re not required to enter the .dwg extension.

7. Click Save. Notice that the AutoCAD title bar displays the new name
of the file along with its path. It’s now safe to exit AutoCAD.
8. If you want to shut down AutoCAD at this time, choose Application
menu ➢ Exit AutoCAD or click the X button in the top-right corner of
the AutoCAD window. Otherwise, keep your drawing up and read on.

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