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Running the Simulation siemens NX

Once you have prepared the machine tool, its related objects and the machine tool driver, you are ready to use it while defining machining operations. You need to perform the following steps to machine a part:

  1. Load the machine tool manually or from a template.

  2. Mount parts and fixtures. You can instance the part(s) and fixtures into the CAM part file and place them on the machine tool using standard assembly tools. If needed, you can also place the blank on the machine.

  3. Add part, fixture, and blank geometry in one of the following ways:

    • Add geometry to the operation. You can specify geometry in the operation or in a geometry parent group such as the Workpiece. ISV automatically recognizes the geometry. This is the simplest option.


      • Adding any Part, Blank or Fixture geometry manually to the kinematics model with the Machine Tool Navigator – Setup Configurator disables the automatic geometry recognition feature.

      • Automatic geometry recognition does not include faces, edges, and boundary geometry.

      • Automatic geometry recognition requires a machine with only one SETUP component in the kinematic model.

    • Add geometry directly to the kinematics model in the Machine Tool Navigator – Setup Configurator. Use this option to:

      • Simulate external NC files, which do not have operations.

      • Omit avoidance checking for fixtures within the operations.

      • Add geometry that is not recognized automatically.

      For more information, see Creating a Kinematics Model and Setup Configurator.

  4. Define manufacturing operations as you normally would.

  5. Run the simulation by opening the Simulation Control Panel.

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