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Round-Face > Edge-Face : Options and Results

Required Step 1

Select the edge from which the round will be created and the sequence of smooth edges is detected.fh2

Required Step 2

Select the face or group of faces to be rounded.fh3

Press exit when finished.

Required Step 3

Set the rounding radius.

The default rounding option is Trim Faces – all faces that are located within the round will be trimmed. The rounded face is shown in green.fh4

If you do not want to trim faces, toggle Trim Faces to Keep Original.

In this case, the round is added to the original part as a face.fh5

When you have set the parameters, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.fh6

When completed, the Round Edge-Face will appear in the tree as follows:ffh7

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