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Rotating a Block during Insertion

As you can see in Figure 7.29, the kitchen has windows on two walls: one 4′-0″
(1220 mm) window centered over the stove in the back wall and one 3′-0″ (915 mm)
window centered over the sink in the top wall. You’ll make the 4′ (1220 mm)
window first:
1. Make sure I07-05-WindowDefinition.dwg (M07-05-WindowDefinition
.dwg) is open.
2. Thaw the A-FLOR-FIXT layer. You’ll need to see the sink and stove to
place the windows properly.
3. Zoom in to a view of the kitchen so that you can see both walls, as
shown in Figure 7.30.

Rotating a Block during Insertion 1

F igu re 7 . 3 0 : Zooming in to the kitchen
4. Click the Polar Tracking button on the status bar to turn on Polar
Polar Tracking, Object Snap, and Object Snap Tracking should now
be in their On positions.
5. Create a new layer by clicking the Layer Properties button and then
clicking the New Layer button in the Layer Properties Manager dialog
The new Layer1 layer appears and is highlighted. Enter A-GLAZ↵
to rename the layer.
6. Click the Color swatch in the A-GLAZ row to open the Select Color
dialog box, with the white swatch highlighted and white listed in the
Color text box.
7. Enter 31↵ to change the color to a bright orange. The Select Color
dialog box closes.
8. With A-GLAZ still highlighted in the Layer Properties Manager, click
the Set Current button, or double-click the name of the layer, to
make the A-GLAZ layer current.
9. Close or autohide the Layer Properties Manager.
10. Open the Block Insertion gallery by choosing the Insert button on
the Block panel of the Insert Ribbon tab.
11. Choose the A-GLAZ block from the Block gallery

In your drawing, the 12″ (305 mm) window block is attached to the
cursor at the insertion point (see Figure 7.31).

Rotating a Block during Insertion 2
F igu re 7 . 3 1 : The A-GLAZ block attached to the cursor
Note that it’s still in the same horizontal orientation that it was
in when you defined the block. To fit it into the left wall, you’ll need
to both rotate and scale the block up to 4′-0″ (1220 mm) before you
insert it.
12. Pick the Rotate option at the command line, and then specify a rotation
angle of 90 by entering 90↵.
The window block is now rotated to align with the western exterior
wall of the cabin.
13. Pick the X (Scale X) option at the command line, and then specify an
X scale factor of 4↵.
The window block now measures 4′-0″ (1220 mm) long, and is
ready to be placed along the western exterior wall of the cabin.
14. Make sure the cursor is over the stove’s midpoint (the lower of the
two, as shown at the left of Figure 7.32), and then click

Rotating a Block during Insertion 3
F igu re 7 . 3 2 : Placing the A-GLAZ block in line with the kitchen stove
The A-GLAZ block appears in the left wall. The INSERT block command
15. Save this drawing as I07-06-BlockRotate.dwg (M07-06-

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