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Revovle Command – SolidWorks 2015 Tutorial

revolve command
revolve command

In this tutorial we focus on how to using two commands: Revolve Bore/ Bass and Revolve Cut

Let’s start with drawing Rectangle of Front of Plane.

  1. In Rectangle command we can choose Conner Rectangle or Center Rectangle and we draw Rectangle by Center Rectangle point.
  2. Defining dimension  and located position of Rectangle point
  3. Drawing Horizontal line from original point
  4. Define distance of the center point from origin including length, size,…
  5. Drawing Vertical line starting from origin
  6. Then select Revolve Boss, select center line. There are two options of directions: direction 1 and direction 2
  7. We will cut the part by using Revolve Cut Command. It means cut a solid mode by revolving a sketch profile around an axis
  8. Select the end surface then select sketch and draw a circle and define the dimension  and direction
  9. Next Revolve  the circle then Drawing axis using option center line to revolve our profile


To understand clearly, you should follow this video until at the end of video. I hope that when you watch the video you can use Revolve Command comprehensively.

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