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Revolve command in cimatron

Create a new solid or add to an existing solid by revolving a 2D sketch about an axis. (To remove solid material, see Revolve Remove.)

Important: Objects created by New > Revolve will be considered independent objects. Those created by Add > Revolve will be added to the active object. (If only one object exists in the file it is automatically active unless manually deactivated.) See Activate / Deactivate and Activating Objects.

General Interactionpx6px7

Creating a Revolve – Detailed Interaction of All Options

  • Angle: Revolve on one or both sides, by a given angle.
  • Angle Mid Plane: Revolve by the same angle in both directions.
  • To Reference: Revolve to a reference face or plane.

To Closest (Add Revolve only): Revolve to the closest faces of an active object, according to a defined direction

The following is the Feature Guide for Add / New Revolve.

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