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Revit Mep 2011


What Is Revit MEP?
The Revit platform for building information modeling is a design and documentation system that supports the design, drawings, and schedules required for a building project. Building information modeling (BIM) delivers information about project design, scope, quantities, and phases when you need it.
In the Revit model, every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view, and schedule is a presentation of information from the same underlying building model database. As you work in drawing and schedule views, Revit MEP collects information about the building project and coordinates this information across all other representations of the project. The Revit parametric change engine automatically coordinates changes made
anywhere —in model views, drawing sheets, schedules, sections, and plans.
What Is Meant by Parametric?
The term parametric refers to the relationships among all elements of the model that enable the coordination and change management that Revit MEP provides. These relationships are created either automatically by the software or by you as you work. In mathematics and mechanical CAD, the numbers or characteristics that define these kinds of relationships are called parameters; hence, the operation of the software is parametric. This capability delivers the fundamental coordination and productivity benefits of Revit MEP: change anything at any time anywhere in the project, and Revit MEP coordinates that change through the entire project.
The following are examples of these element relationships:
■ The outside of a door frame is a fixed dimension on the hinge side from a perpendicular partition. If you move the partition, the door retains this relationship to the partition.
■ Windows or pilasters are spaced equally across a given elevation. If the length of the elevation is changed, the relationship of equal spacing is maintained. In this case, the parameter is not a number but a proportional characteristic.



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