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Revit Structure 2010 (Fundamentals)

This module contains: „ Section 1: Introduction to Revit Structure What is Revit Structure? Revit Structure Projects The Revit Structure 2010 Interface „ Section 2: Setting up Levels and Working with Views Creating and Using Levels Creating Elevations Creating Sections Creating Callouts In this section you will learn: „ About …

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Revit Architecture 2015 Basics

This exercise reinforces the following skills:  Creating the basic shapes using massing tools  Create an extrude  Modify the Extrude height  Create a revolve  Create a sweep  Create a blend  Modify a blend Each set of sketches will be used to create a specific type of mass form. …

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Revit Architecture 2014 Basics

When creating a conceptual mass to be used in a project, follow these steps: 1. Create a sketch of the desired shape(s). 2. Create levels to control the height of the shapes. 3. Create reference planes to control the width and depth of the shapes. 4. Draw a sketch of …

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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015

what ‘s new in Autodesk revit 2015 Platform & architectural enhancements  Sketchy lines  Anti-aliasing improvements  Ray trace usability improvements  Enhanced schedules/material takeoffs  Views on sheets  Duplicate views  View references  Assembly code settings  IFC imports  Keynoting settings  Shared parameters in …

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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013

This chapter contains the following topics: Building Information Modeling Overview of the Interface Standard Terminology Starting Projects Viewing Commands Learning Objectives This chapter provides instruction to enable you to do the following: 2.1 Building Information Modeling Understand the concept of Building Information Modeling and its workflow in relation to the Autodesk …

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Edit Pasted Revit Architecture

Immediately after you select a point for the location of the pasted content, you will fi nd a new panel in the ribbon called Edit Pasted (Figure 3.22). You can click Finish to complete the pasting action or start another command. If you are unsatisfi ed with the pasting action, select Cancel. …

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