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Retrieving Turning Tool Data

You can configure a tool library where all tool data is stored.
This enables quick and easy retrieval of tools by all users.
Tool Parameter Libraries
• Store all tool parameter files.
• Use sub-folders to divide tool types.
• Config.pro option:
– pro_mf_tprm_dir.
– Creo Parametric searches for tools from this folder.

Retrieving Turning Tool Data 1
Figure 1 – Example Tool Folder

Retrieving Turning Tool Data 2
Figure 2 – Tool Listing Tool Parameter Libraries

Retrieving Tools
• Use Tools Setup dialog box.
• Display tools with .xml and .tpm file extensions.
– By default.
• Supported tool file extensions:
– .xml – Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 onwards.
– .tpm – .Pro/ENGINEER release 12 to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0.
– .tprm – .pre-Pro/ENGINEER release 12.
• Tools appended in tool table.
• Tool information stored with manufacturing model.
– Also store with workcell.
You can create a tool library where all tool parameter files are stored. You can divide the library into folders for different types of tools, for example, milling tools, drills, and center drills.
You can specify the location of a tool library using the configuration option pro_mf_tprm_dir pathname.
• For example, pro_mf_tprm_dir d:\ptc\tool_lib.
• Creo Parametric then automatically starts searching in the specified location whenever you retrieve a tool.
Retrieving Tools
You can retrieve tools for use in NC steps using the Tools Setup dialog box.
By default, Creo Parametric starts searching for tools in the pro_mf_tprm_dir folder, or the current working directory if no configuration option is specified.
By default, you can retrieve tools with .xml or .tpm file extensions. You can select the following tool file extensions:
• .xml – Tools created from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 onwards.
• .tpm – Tools created from Pro/ENGINEER release 12 to Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0.
• .tprm – Tools created before Pro/ENGINEER release 12.
As tools are retrieved and added to the tool table, the tool position (tool number) automatically increments by one with respect to the
last tool in the table. You can manually edit the tool number to change its position in the tool table if required.
By default, tool information is stored with the manufacturing model.
You can also store retrieved tools with a specific workcell.

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