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Report Options solidworks simulation

Report formats Select a report format. The report formats are customized to the study type. You cannot add new formats to the list. The available formats are:

  • Static Study Format
  • Frequency Study Format
  • Buckling Study Format
  • Thermal Study Format
  • Design Study Format
  • Non-Linear Study Format
  • Drop Test Study Format
  • Fatigue Study Format
  • Dynamic Study Format
  • Pressure Vessel Study Format
To change the default sections for any report format, click Simulation > Options. On the Default Options tab, click Report. Select the Report format, select the Report sections, set options, and click OK.
Report sections The report sections are customized to the report type. See Report Sections for available options for various sections. Select or clear a report section to include or exclude it from the report.
Section properties The customizable information in Section properties varies depending on the selected Report section. You can customize these sections with comments or set options to include additional data.

Header Information


Logo Browse to a *.bmp, *.gif, or *.jpg file.

Report Publish Options

Report folder Available in Simulation Options.

Results folder

Sets the location as a Default Option.

User defined

Specify the location of the results folder of new studies. To change the default location, click and select a different directory.

Report path Sets the location as a Default Option. Browse to a new path, if desired.
Document name Type a name for the report.
Show report on publish Opens the report when you click OK. When cleared, you can double-click the report in the Simulation study tree to open the report.


Publish Saves the changes to the report, generates the report, closes the dialog box, and opens the report if Show report on publish is selected.
Apply Save the changes to the report without publishing the report.
Cancel Closes the dialog box without saving the changes to the report.

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