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Remove material from an existing object by extruding a 2D sketch, 3D face or face with tolerant edges in a given direction. (To add an object, or to create a new object, see Extrude New / Add.)

Important: When using this function, material will be removed only from the current active object. (If only one object exists in the file it is automatically active unless manually deactivated.) See Activate / Deactivate and Activating Objects.


General Interaction

The following is the Feature Guide for Remove Extrude.

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Creating an Extrude – Detailed Interaction of All Options

  • Delta/Reference: Extrude either by Delta (extrude on one or both sides, by a given value and direction) by Reference (extrude to a reference face or plane).
  • Delta mid plane: Extrude by the same amount equally in both directions.
  • To Closest: Extrude to the closest faces of an active object, according to a defined direction.
  • Through: Extrude through a solid object material.

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