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Refit option in Rapidform XOR

Refitcommand fits faces to mesh dataimage47_1105

How to use Refit command

Click image47_1074button on the toolbar, or click Insert >CAD Correct > Refit.image47_1106
Select faces to refit and reference mesh.image47_1107
Click OK.image47_1108
The result will be such as the image below. Surfaces are reconstructed refer to mesh data.1110

Options in Detail


  • Faces – Select faces that you want to refit.
  • Mesh – Select mesh that will be used for reference of refitting.
  • Geometry Capture Accuracy – This option controls the degree of resemblance of the created surface with the original model of reconstructed model.
  • Smoothness – Smoothness of the surface.
  • Shape Transition To Adjacent Faces – If you move the slider to Abrupt, the modification centralizes around edge.
  • Boundary Accuracy – It determines boundary accuracy to sew edges. If you move the slider to Loose, the application creates fewer points on an edge and tries to zip them.
  • Unconstrained Edge – It determines to fix the position of lamina edges.
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