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Project work feature into sketch

Work features cannot be created or edited in a sketch, but you can use the Project command on the Sketch tab to project them to a sketch.

  1. Create work features as needed.
  2. To create a sketch, click the 2D Sketch command, and then click a plane or face to set the sketch plane.To edit a sketch, double-click a sketch symbol in the browser to activate.
  3. Click the Project command, and then select the work geometry you want to project to the sketch.
  4. Use sketch commands to create geometry in the sketch, selecting the projected work features as needed.

Projected work geometry is associative to the parent work feature. To modify the projected geometry (such as trim or extend it), break the associativity by changing the style from Reference to Normal.

  • Select the projected geometry.
  • Right-click and select Break Link from the context menu.

You can delete projected geometry without changing the style.

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