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Project curve to surface

Selects multiple curves and points, the faces on surfaces or solids on which to project them, and the desired projection type. Creates a 3D sketch feature that can be redefined, or its link broken with the parent geometry.


Ribbon: 3D Sketch tab  Create Panel  Project to Surface 

Selects one or more destination faces of a surface or solid on which to project curves. Selections can include faces of surface bodies or solids, a part, or a work plane.

Selects the curves to project. Selections can include 2D or 3D curves, vertices or work points, sketch points, or part or surface edges.

Specifies the output type of projected curves or points.

Project Along Vector is the default. Specify the vector.

Project to Closest Point projects along the surface normal to the closest point.

Wrap to Surface forms the projected curve around the curvature of selected face or faces.

NOTE:For Wrap to Surface output, the faces must be a cylinder, cone, or planar. The curves must be planar and tangent to the selected faces.


Sets the projection direction.

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