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Project Collaboration Revit mep

Since engineers and architects started working together on building projects, an integrated project delivery has been the ultimate goal. The goal of consultants working together as seamlessly as possible is made more achievable by using a building information modeling (BIM) solution such
as Revit MEP 2012. Many are quick to believe that using a BIM solution automatically means coordination and integration, but the truth is that developing a building information model is only part of the process. You can build a 3D model and even put information into it, but it is how this
information is shared and coordinated that defines an integrated project.
Revit MEP enables you to interact with the project model in a way that you can conceptualize the design as a whole, even if you are working only on pieces or parts. You do not have to work for a full-service design firm to participate in a project that results in a complete model. Architectural,
structural, and MEP engineering systems can all come together regardless of company size, staff, or location. It is the sharing of computable data that makes for an integrated project delivery. Owners
and contractors can also participate in the process. In fact, anyone who has any input into the design decisions should be included in and considered part of the project team.
Zooming in from the big picture a bit, you need to focus on your role as a project team member.
You can be an effective player in the process by ensuring that the data you are sharing is usable, accurate, and timely. With a good understanding of how Revit manages your information, you can develop some good practices and standards for collaborating with your project team.
In this chapter, you will learn to do the following:
Prepare your project file for sharing with consultants •u
Work with linked Revit files •u
Coordinate elements within shared models •u
Work with non-Revit files •u
Set up a system for quality control

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