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A process is defined by a tool and a machining function. To create a process, one tool and one Function tile must be placed on a tile in the Process List. Simply click and drag one of each to the Process List, dropping the tiles in the same position


A process is created as soon as there is one tool and one machining function in the same tile. The tile will show the icon selected from the Machining palette and the number of the tool placed on the tile.


Once these item are placed in the same tile location, the appropriate Process dialog will open. The actual Process dialog will be vary depending on the type of machining function chosen. Roughing, Contouring, Drilling, Threading and Surfacing Process dialogs are different from each other, with many common elements such as the Entry/Exit Diagram. These dialogs are fully detailed in the Mill and Lathe manuals.


Once the Process dialog is open, simply enter the desired parameters, select the geometry or solid to be machined and click on Do It in the Machining palette. This will generate one or more operations and toolpath.


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