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Process List gibbscam

The Process List is used to define toolpath and create operations. A process consists of a single tool from the Tool List and a machining function from the Machining palette. When one of each of these items is dropped onto a Process tile, a process is created. Clearance values, cut depth, speeds and other items are filled out in the Process dialog. In most cases geometry or a solid is then selected to generate toolpath by clicking on the Do It button in the Machining palette. Once toolpath is generated, one or more operations are created for each process. Once operations are created the processes may be thrown away, because the information from the process is stored in the Operation.

Multiple Processes

Please note that multiple processes can be created in the same list. This will cause multiple grouped operations to be performed on the same geometry or surface. This function may be used to drill, bore and tap all in one set of operations. It may also be used to create a set of operations that drill, rough and contour the same geometry or solid. Any combination of machining functions may be grouped as needed. The Process List is limited to 99 Process tiles. The Process tiles do not have to be contiguous, there may be empty spaces between tiles.

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