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Probing operations siemens NX

Probing is an operation for generating on-machine probing tool paths and supports probing cycles for milling machines.

You can:

  • Build your own unique probes using the Solid Tool Library.

  • Use a set of Renishaw Inspection Plus probing cycles with support for:

    • Siemens 810D/840D controllers

    • Fanuc 15M controllers

Geometry selection in an operation is not restricted to the geometry parent group.

Probing operations can include Generic Motion positioning moves, and can be intermingled with machining operations.


You interactively move the probe by creating a sequence of motion instructions that are called suboperations (subops). The suboperations display in the graphics window as tool path segments. You can select the suboperation from the graphics region or from the Sub-Operations list. Select individual subops or a range of subops from the list to edit, delete, re-order, or display them.


You can create custom suboperation types for your probing cycles, or add parameters to an existing suboperation type.

Machine Tool

You can define the tool path sequences with or without an active machine tool assembly. When the machine tool is active within the programming session:

  • The tool motion destination and trajectory are checked against the kinematics and limits of the CAM machine tool.

  • The machine components move on the screen to simulate the actual machine motion.


The machine must remain active during the entire program, including sub-ops.

Where do I find it?




Requires the Probe license.


InsertCreate Operation

Location in dialog box

Create Operation dialog box→Type→select ProbingOperation Subtype→click Probing

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