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Postprocessing in NX siemens NX

Each machine tool and controller combination has different requirements, for example tool change commands, specific M-codes and G-codes, and the sequence of G-codes that is permitted in a program line.

Postprocessing is the process of outputting machine code so that your tool path is recognized by a machine tool and controller combination. Before you can postprocess a tool path in NX, you must create the tool path in NX and create an appropriate post processor in NX Post Builder.

A tool path consists of the following:

  • Information about tool motion, such as GOTO points and feed rates.

  • Instructions to the controller, for example, coolant and spindle control, called events.

The NX postprocessor, referred to as NX Post, consists of the following:

  • Instructions to generate code words that control the machine tool’s response to events.

  • Definitions of how to sequence and format the output words.

  • Instructions to Post Builder so that can recreate the graphic interface for your post when you edit it.

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