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Positioning the Toilet and Shelves

The shelves are a simple rectangle measuring 3′ × 1′ (914 mm × 305 mm). The toilet consists of a rectangle and an ellipse centered between the sink and the wall. The tank is offset 1″ (25 mm) from the back wall, and it is 9″ × 20″(229 mm × 508 mm). The ellipse representing the seat measures 18″ (457 mm)in one direction and 12″ (304 mm) in the other. Follow these steps to add the shelves and toilet to the bathroom:
1. Make sure I05-19-BathroomSink.dwg (M05-19-BathroomSink.dwg)
is open.

2. On the Navigation bar, click the Pan button. The cursor changes to a
small hand to indicate that you are in Pan Realtime mode. Position
the cursor in the lower part of the drawing area, with the view still
zoomed in on the sink.
3. Drag the cursor up and to the right until the toilet area comes into
view. The drawing slides along with the movement of the cursor. If
necessary, zoom in and then pan again until you have the toilet area
centered in the drawing area.

4. Right-click and choose Zoom from the context menu that opens.
Alternatively, you can enter Z↵↵ at the command line to execute the
Zoom Realtime operation. Back in the drawing, the cursor changes
to a magnifying glass with plus and minus signs.
5. Position the Zoom Realtime cursor near the top of the drawing, and
hold down the left mouse button. Drag the cursor down, and watch
the view being zoomed out in real time. Move the cursor up, still
holding down the mouse button.
Position the cursor in such a way that you have a good view of the
toilet area, and then release the mouse button. Right-click again and
choose Exit from the context menu to end Zoom Realtime.
These zooming options are convenient tools for adjusting the view of your
drawing. Let’s move to the toilet first. You need to find a way to position the toilet
accurately, centering it between the wall and shower. The midpoint of the left
wall line isn’t useful because the wall line runs behind the shower. You’ll have to
use a reference point to locate the starting point for the toilet tank. The lower-left
corner of the tank is 5″ (127 mm) from the bottom wall and 1″ (25 mm) from the
left wall. Because there is no osnap feature to define the location on the left wall,
you will use the From osnap to locate the corner. Follow these steps:
1. Make sure I05-19-BathroomSink.dwg (M05-19-BathroomSink.dwg)
is open.
2. Start the Rectangle (RECTANG) command, and choose the From
option on the right-click Object Snap menu.
the bathroom.
3. Enter @1,5↵ (@25,127↵) to place the first corner of the rectangle and
then 9,20↵ (229,508↵).
The 9″ × 20″ (229 mm × 508 mm) toilet tank is drawn centered on
the left wall (see the left of Figure 5.68).

Positioning the Toilet and Shelves 1
F igu re 5 . 6 8 : The toilet tank in place (left) and the completed toilet (right)
4. Start the ELLIPSE command. If you start it from the Ribbon, be sure to
select the Axis, End Ellipse tool from the Home tab ➢ Draw panel. The
command line displays a default prompt of Specify axis endpoint of
ellipse or:.
Using the Specify Axis Endpoint option and the running Midpoint
osnap, you can easily define the ellipse’s location and first axis from
one end of the ellipse to the other.
5. Move the cursor near the midpoint of the right side of the tank and,
when the triangle shows up there, click. This starts the ellipse.
6. Hold the crosshair cursor out to the right of the rectangle, and enter
1′6↵ (457↵). This sets the first axis.
Now, as you move the crosshair cursor, you’ll see that a line starts
at the center of the ellipse, and the cursor’s movement controls the
size of the other axis.
To designate the second axis, you need to enter the distance from the
center of the axis to the end of it, or half the overall length of the axis.
7. Hold the crosshair cursor directly above or below the center point,
and enter 6↵ (152↵).

The ellipse is complete, so you’ve finished the toilet (see the right
side of Figure 5.68).
8. To complete the fixtures, construct the shelves by drawing a 3′-0″ × 1′-0″
(914 mm × 305 mm) rectangle from the upper-right corner of the

Figure 5.59 earlier in the chapter shows the proper orientation.
Zoom out, and your completed bathroom should look like Figure 5.69.

Positioning the Toilet and Shelves 2
F igu re 5 . 6 9 : The completed bathroom fixtures
9. Save your file as I05-20-BathroomToilet.dwg (M05-20-

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