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Placing Sections into Sketcher

Placing sections in your model saves time and encourages
reuse of common shapes.
• Place sections:
– From the File System.
– Using the Sketcher Palette.
• Modify the dimension scheme or value.

Placing Sections into Sketcher 1
Figure 1 — Placing a Section

Placing Sections into Sketcher 2

Figure 2 — The Sketcher Palette
Placing Sections into Sketcher
You can insert preexisting sketches into your sketch. This helps to save time
rather than recreating an existing sketch. It also promotes data reuse. There
are two different methods that you can use to place sections:
• Place a section from file — This can be a *.sec file that you have created
by clicking File > New and selecting Sketch, or it can be a sketch that you
have saved from a different model. Either way, you can browse to the
location of the existing sketch section file and place it.
• Use the Sketcher Palette — The Sketcher palette enables you to quickly
place commonly used basic shapes, such as I-beams and hexagons, into
your sketch. The Sketcher Palette contains a tab for the current working
directory as well as default tabs for polygons, profiles, shapes, and stars.
You can create additional custom tabs simply by creating folders in the
Sketcher Palette library location. When you add sketch *.sec files to the
folder, they are listed in a tab with the same name in the Sketcher Palette.
When you place a sketch, you can translate, rotate, and scale it. You can
also modify the dimension scheme or value

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