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Pendant Design with Weaves ArtCAM JewelSmith

Weave Relief

A Weave relief is generated form a series of overlapping vectors and a section vector, using the Weave Wizard.


Pendant Design Example

  • Select Create JewelSmith Project
  • In the Project Name enter pendant-weave.
  • Set the location directory to D:\users\training\COURSEWORK\JewelSmith-Jobs and Accept

At the top of the screen a new master model called master-model-eg.3dp has been generated. At the moment it is empty.

  • Select the JewelSmith tab.
  • Select Flat 3-Axis.
  • Enter the File Name as teardrop-shape. Enter the width of 30 and height of 60.
  • Enter a Resolution as 35. Select Accept.
  • Select the Assistant tab.
  • Create an Ellipse at X0 Y0 with a height of 30 and a width of 15.
  • Create an Ellipse at X0 Y12 with a height of 3 and a width of 5.
  • With the large ellipse selected, open the Shape Editor.
  • Select a dome shape with an angle of 30 with scale to height ticked with a scaled height of 1.5. Press Add.
  • Select the smaller ellipse and select a dome shape with an angle of 80, No limit selected and press Subtract.
  • Select the white background colour,.
  • Select a flat shape with a start height of 0 and press Merge High.
  • Select Close and press F3.


By using merging high the white colour we can ensure that no part of the whole model goes below Z0; thereby putting a hole in the model.

Vectors will be imported into a layer to create a weave design.

  • Press F2. Press F7 (to display layer assistant if not visible).


  • Select Open.
  • From D:\users\trainingArtCam Data, select lweave.eps and select Open.


The vectors have been imported as a single group. They will need to be ungrouped to be used.

These vectors will make two weaves

  • Right mouse click on the vectors and select Ungroup All.

When selecting vectors for the weave command the weave section vector must be picked last.

  • Select the large entwined vectors and then shift select the section vector.


  • Select Weave wizard.


This form allows you to control how the weave looks. The weave is made up of running the section vector along the entwined vector. The entwined vectors indicated the centre of the weave as it goes over and then under each part.

Where the section meets an angle, this can either be rounded off or left square.

Weaves are combined with the main relief.

  • Select crossover as 2, %depth as 40%height as 0, Round and select Add and then OK.  Press F3.


The first weave has been added to the relief. The second weave can be removed from this relief.

  • Press F2.
  • Select the small star-shaped entwined vectors and then shift select the smaller section vector.


  • Select Weave wizard.
  • Select crossover as 2, %depth as 40%height as 0, Square and select Subtract and then OK. Press F3.


The star weave pattern has been removed from the relief.



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