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Part Step in Visi Progress


In this section is possible start the unfolding process; selecting the sequence of linear bends to unfold and adding new steps.


Clicking on the first icon Add a Step, the system creates a copy of the previous part, adding a step and giving the possibility to change the angle value of each bend.
Step 0 is the starting step and cannot be modified.


As you can see on tree, the system shows, for each bend, the previous angle value and the new one (same angle in case of bend not modified). If you change the Angle value, the system updates the part and on tree the Bend node is blue; on property tree you can also change the unfold method to use for the selected bend.

This is just an example on how to change the Angle value, because it also possible select the bend directly on the model using M2 on bend face, or selecting the Select some Part Entity icon and the bend; on the realtive menu, the user can select the command Change Unfold Angle Value and the mask below appears:


Modifying the value on this mask the system shows a preview and clicking OK the operation will be confirmed.
The preview function is automatically disabled in case of bends multi-selection.

When the step is finished and you want add another step, you must click again on Add a Step icon, and the system automatically defines the previous step, creating a new step.


You must repeat this process until the complete part unfolding.

If, during the unfolding process, the user makes some mistake during the process, it can delete the relative step, selecting Delete the Step.

During the unfolding process, could be necessary detach the Feature; clicking M2 on Feature on tree, the system gives this option.

Note that, if on the model we have a Feature on a Bend, the system does not permit to change the Angle Value until the user detaches the Feature. After the Feature detaching, the tree is updated and the user can change the Angle value:


The system creates for default the Steps study from left to right, but selecting the icon Part Study Direction, the user can edit this direction.

In case the user, during the unfolding process, modifies the Analysis section, moving some node, detaching some surfaces or changing the surface property, the system shows (to be rebuilt) on tree.
To obtain a correct result is necessary select the icon Exec Auto Rebuild, and the system will rebuild completely each step.


Add a Step
Delete the Step
Part Step Selection
Part Study Direction
View Mode
Select Some Part Entity
Exec Auto-Rebuild

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