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Part Solids in Visi Progress


In this section is possible create the 3D Solid Parts of each step. This function is useful during the strip definition, because the created solids could be used to sobstitute the parts in strip.


Selecting the first icon Rebuild 3D Parts, the system automatically creates all the different solids in reference to each step defined.

Selecting the icon Select some Part Entity, or clicking M2 on the relative step on tree, the system shows the relative menu, where is possible Detach the Part or Change Origin point.

After the Part detaching, the user can edit the solid using the Cad commands and then reattach it as Interactive Part. In fact, clicking M2 on a step on tree, where the solid is not defined, the system shows a new menu, and is possible:

  • Link Auto-Build Part: the system rebuilds the solid automatically. (The system shows the solid, if you want see the surfaces you must select the Step page)
  • Link Interactive Part: if the user has edit the solid, it can reattached using this option.
  • Change Origin: the user can change the Origin (Reference Point).


It is important note that in some cases the 3D Solid Part creation could fail, and so in this cases, it is necessary modify the part, using the cad commands and then reattach it as Interactive Part.

Moreover to each step it’s possible define some parameters to the solid part:

  1. Part Name
  2. Origin Point
  3. Part Colour

Part Transparency

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