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Part Analysis in Visi Progress


The first mandatory step to obtain your flattened component, is to analyse the types of face used in the construction of the model.
In the Part Analysis section it is possible to select the part, defining the meaning and relevant parameters of each face.
If some features have already been defined using the command Ribs&Bosses, the system will automatically identify them, setting them as Single Feature on the tree.z12

If you want to ignore some previously selected faces in the unfolding process, you can deselect them on the tree. Such faces will be greyed and ignored in the subsequent steps.
As you can see in the image above, the system shows all the properties relative to each node. On first node there are the parameters relative to the complete part. You can edit Name, Thickness, Material and Origin Point by selecting the relevant button.
Further you can modify the Neutral Fibre value set previously on the mask, and also the Unfolding Type. These modifications are applied on all linear bends of the part.

By selecting different nodes on the tree, you can see different sets of parameters. For instance you can set a different Neutral Fibre value for a specific bend.



Part Analysis Build
Part Analysis Interactive Build
Group Analysed Faces
Part Analysis Tolerance
View Mode
Select Some Part Entity
Exec Auto-Rebuild

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