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Parameters siemens NX

This option lets you edit most types of curves. When this icon is active and you select a curve, you are automatically put into edit mode for that type of curve.


Parameters (Legacy) is only available by adding either it or All (Legacy) to a toolbar or a menu using Customize‚ÜíCommands.

The Edit Curve Parameters (Legacy) dialog box includes the following options:

Edit Curve Parameters (Legacy) Dialog Options

Point Method

Used to change the position of a line endpoint. The Point Method options let you specify points relative to existing geometry, or by specifying a cursor location or using the Point Constructor.

Edit Arc/Circle By

You can edit an arc or circle two ways: by editing its Parameters, or by Dragging it.

Complement Arc

Lets you create the complement of an existing arc.

Display Original Spline

If you are editing a spline, this option lets you display the original spline for comparison during the editing.

Edit Associative Curve

By Parameter lets you edit an associative curve while preserving its associativity.

As Original breaks the associativity between the curve and its original defining data (you receive a warning).


You can use this option to update your model after making edits to curves, without exiting the Edit Curves dialog.

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