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Parameters in Schedules Revit mep

Family parameters and some coded parameters cannot be used in schedules. If you do not want to use shared parameters in your families, you can create project parameters for scheduling information about components. In the Schedule Properties dialog box at the center of the Fields tab is an Add Parameter button, as shown in Figure 6.15. Clicking this button opens the
Parameter Properties dialog box, just as when working in a family, but instead of the Family Parameter option, you have the Project Parameter or Shared Parameter option (see Figure 6.16).
As you can see in Figure 6.16, there is no choice for a category in this dialog box because the parameter will be applied to the category of the schedule. All elements within the category will get the parameter, even if they are not in the schedule. For example, if you are creating a Mechanical Equipment schedule that will include only VAV units, and you create a parameter within the schedule, it will be added to all mechanical equipment.
Use of the Calculated Value feature of a Revit schedule will create a parameter to hold the value, yet this parameter is not added to the elements in the schedule.

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Whether they are shared parameters or not, project parameters are required for scheduling system families such as duct, pipe, or cable tray. It is easiest to create these parameters when you are building the schedule for such elements. Once the parameter is created, you can access it from the Project Parameters button on the Manage tab to add it to other categories or make any necessary changes. Creating these parameters in schedules within your project template will ensure that they are consistently used from project to project.
One useful type of project parameter to create is for the schedule type of an element. This parameter can be applied to any category that is scheduled, and it is useful for filtering your schedules. There is no need for this to be a shared parameter, because it is not information that you will be tagging in your construction documents. This kind of parameter should be included
in your project template to ensure consistent use and coordination with any preestablished schedules you have in your template(s).

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