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Parameters command in cimatron

The following toggle options are displayed during a Divide > By Object operation:phg1

An additional toggle option, As Plane/As Object, is displayed if the dividing entity is one face.

The Do Not Separate Objects and Remove Cutting Object toggle options are explained using the following objects. In the example below, the red object is to be divided by the yellow one.pn5

The red object to be divided is picked, and then…pn6 the yellow dividing entity is picked.pn7


Do Not Separate Objects This is a toggle option: Do Not Separate Objects / Separate Objects.

Decide whether objects remaining after a divide operation are to be regarded as a single object or as separate objects. 


Remove Cutting Object This is a toggle option: Do Not Remove Cutting Object / Remove Cutting Object.

Decide whether or not the cutting object is removed after a divide operation. 


  • It is possible to use more than one cutting object. In this case, if the option Remove Cutting Object is selected, all the cutting objects will be removed.
  • This option is grayed out (and set to Do Not Remove Cutting Object) in the following cases:

o    If the cutting entity is external (an assembly external reference).

o    If the cutting entity is a datum plane.

o    If the cutting entity is a planar face.

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