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Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


You are a student or an engineer, this ebook very helpful to help you improve your english for word, with a lot of unit for each detail, you can learn all of it or just unit you want, and with audio attach, you can listen and speak well.
This ebook need time to learn, so be patient to read.
Below is ebook full contents.

Unit 1 lo Engineering – what’s it all about?
Reading lntroduction
Language study dealslis concerned with
Word study Word stress
Unit 2 Choosing a course
Having a purpose
Letter writing. 1: requesting information
Unit 3 21 Engineering materials
Reading Scanning tables
Language study Making definitions
Writing Adding information to a text
Unit4 Mechanisms
Reading Scanning a text
27 Writing Ways oflinking ideas. 1
29 Language study Dealing with technical terrrQ
29 Speaking practice
Unit 5 31 Forces in engineering
31 Tuning-in
31 Reading 1 Predicting
33 Reading 2 Grammar links in texts
34 Language study The present passive
34 Listening Listening to lectures
Unit 6 36 The electric motor
36 Tuning-in
36 Reading Skimming
39 Language study Describing functiorl
39 Writing Describing components
41 Word study
Unit 7 42 An engineering student
42 Tuning-in
42 Listening
44 Writing Comparing a~ld contrasting
Unit 8 46 Central heating
46 Tuning-in
46 Reading Predicting
48 Language study Time clauses
49 Word study
Unit 9 Safety at work
50 Tuning-in
51 Reading Understanding the writer’spurpose
53 Language study Making safety rules
53 Writing Ways oflinking ideas, 2
Unit 10 55 Young engineer
55 Tuning-in
56 Listening
5 7 Writing
5 7 Speaking practice
Describing and esplaining
Unit 11 58 Washing machine
58 Tuning-in
58 Reading Reading diagranls
62 Language study IfJUnless smtences
63 Writing Explaining a diagram
Unit 12 Racing bicycle
Reading Prediction
Language study Describing reasons
Writing Describing contrast
Word study Properties of~nnterials
Speaking practice
Technical reading Gear systems
Unit 13 Lasers
Language study used tolfor
Word study Noun + noun cornpounds
Writing Describing nprocess, I: sequence
Technical reading Laser cutting
Unit 14 Automation technician
Speaking practice Talking nbout spech?cntions
Unit 15 Refrigerator
Reading Denling with unfnmiliar words. 1
Language study Pri~siples and lows
Word study Verbs and related nouns
Writing Describing n process. 2: location
Unit 16 Scales
Reading 1 Meaningfrorn context
Reading 2 Con~parir~g sources
Language study Cnuse rind effect. I
Technical reading Stmi11 gauges
Unit 17 Portable generator
Reading Reading diagrams
Language study Cause and efject, 2
Word study Verbs with -ize/-ise
Unit 18 Road breaker
Language study Allow and prevent links
Writing Explaining an operation
Technical reading Air skates
Speaking practice
Unit 19 Disc brakes
Reading Contbinir~g skills
Language study Verbs with up anddown
Word study Verbs + -en
Writing Explaining an operation
Technical reading Water-based hydraulics
Unit 20 Staff engineer
Language study Verbs with on arldoff
Unit 21: Lawn Mower
Reading 1 Predicting
Reading 2 Grammar links. 2
Language study Describi~?gfunctions
Word study Noun + noun, 2: function
Writing Description and exp:pla~mtion
Unit 22 Corrosion
Reading Skimming
Language study Cause and ejfect. 3
Speaking practice Exchanging information
Technical reading Corrosion of materials
Unit 23 Maglev train
Reading 1 Inferring
Reading 2 Dealing with unfamiliar words, 2
Language study Prediction
Writing Explanations
Technical reading Motor selection: operating environment
Unit 24 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Language study Necessity: have to and need (to)
Unit 25 Supercar
Reading Predicting: usingfirst sentences
Language study Crrtainty
Writing Summaries
Unit 26 Graphs
Language study Describing graphs
Word study Comnlon verbs in engineering
Writing Drscribing a graph
Technical reading Properties and applications ofcarbon
Unit 27 Waste recycling plant
Reading Transferring information, making notes
Language study Possibility: can andcould
Unit 28 Robotics
Reading 1 Revising skills
Reading 2 Transferring information
Language study Concession: even if and although
Technical reading Stepper motors
Unit 29 Careers in engineering
Reading Infrrring
Speaking practice Role play
Listening Inferring
Unit 30 Applying for a job
Reading Understanding job advertisements
Speaking practice Role play
Writing Writing a CVand letter ofapplication
Technical reading Company structure
Student A Speaking practice
Student B Speaking practice
18s Glossary of engineering terms

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