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Overhead Fixtures in Spaces with No Ceiling Revit mep

Not every building area for which you need to provide lighting will have a ceiling. Having a space with no ceiling does not mean that you cannot use a face-hosted fixture family. Pendantmounted fixtures can be face-hosted to the floor or structure above, as shown in Figure 12.11.

Another option for using hosted fixtures in a space with no ceiling is to use a reference plane that defines the elevation of the fixtures. This is an effective method for lighting large spaces in which one or two reference planes can handle all the lighting fixtures. It is not recommended hostInG optIons for lIGhtInG fIxtures and devICes | 305
that you use this method for multiple spaces, because having many reference planes hosting items in your model can negatively affect your file performance.
You can also use lighting fixture families that do not require a host. You will have to set and manage their elevation manually. These types of fixtures should have a parameter that lets you define the mounting height, or you can use the Offset parameter

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