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Options and Results

Create a new solid or add to an existing solid by driving a 2D sketch along a spine. (To remove solid material, see Drive Remove.)

Important: Drives created by New > Drive will be considered independent objects. Those created by Add > Drive will be added to the active object. (If only one object exists in the file it is automatically active unless manually deactivated.) See Activate / Deactivate and Activating Objects.


Required Step 1

Select a closed 2D composite curve or sketch.


  • If you enter Drive immediately after creating a closed 2D composite curve or sketch, the entity is automatically included in Step 1.
  • If you select a sketch that contains more than one closed curve sequence, all closed curve sequences will be driven. In order for a sketch to be selected, however, it must contain only closed curve sequences.pi3

Required Step 2

Select a composite curve and set drive parameters. The spine must be one curve (linespline, edge, etc). If needed you can join several curves / edges into one by using the Composite Curve function.pi4

There are two options for setting the section orientation:




Optional Step 1

Pick a constraint plane to constrain the section, if required.



Optional Step 2

Change the active object (temporarily).


When you have completed the steps, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.pi5

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