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Optimization siemens NX

Optimization improves cutting efficiency by applying rules to the NC program. Optimization uses machining feature templates (explained in the section Machining Feature Templates) to give the NC programmer the most efficient operations to machine each feature and to optimize the order in which they are performed.

Operations are optimized by the conservation of tools, minimizing tool changes, and minimizing tool travel distance (the amount of time the tool is in the air moving from one cut to another).

  • Optimization conserves tools by using as few tools as possible without compromising the effectiveness of machining across multiple operations. These tools are selected from the result of the tool query of each operation, which returns a set of tools from the library.

  • To minimize tool changes, operations that use the same tool are grouped together.

  • In order to reduce the tool travel distance the system selects the best sequence in which to cut the features.

All three of these optimization acts save time during machining. However, minimizing the amount of tools that are used also reduces tool cost, and improves machining efficiency. These are three methods of optimization that can be performed to get the most efficient program.

To optimize the order of the operations in the Program View, select either an NC program, or a single program group. Below are a few guidelines regarding Program View optimization.

  • Selected operations in consecutive order within the same NC program are reordered together.

  • If selected operations are not in consecutive order, the reordering scope is among the consecutive operations only.

  • Operations selected from different NC program subgroups are reordered separately.

  • If the NC program contains a sub NC program, this optimization is applied to the sub program separately without breaking up the sub NC program.

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