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Operations contain finished toolpath. The toolpath consists of the actual moves the tool will make to cut a part, a visualization of the G-code to be output. Double-clicking an operation in the Operation List will recreate the Process tiles that were in the Process List when the operation was created. This allows for the modification of an operation.

Operation tiles can not be moved away from the Operation List. They can be sorted and reordered. To edit an operation’s process information, double-click on the operation and it will be loaded back to the Process List. Clicking the Redo button will update the changes.

Op list context menu_small80pct

The Operation tiles have a contextual menu, accessed by right-clicking on a tile. Modifications may be made to the tile’s location in the list, a search may be performed or changes may be made to the actual toolpath. This includes changing speeds at specific points in the toolpath, accessing the tool used for the operation, converting the toolpath to geometry and locking data in the operation. Locking data and changing specific information about an operation can be accomplished using the Operation Data dialog.

The Operation Data dialog allows for overrides of certain items such as speeds and entry/exit settings. More importantly is text that can be output in the G-code that is operation-specific and the ability to lock values by clicking on the padlock icons. If the part is opened on another machine with different speed and feed data the original settings will not be unintentionally overwritten. Unlocking these settings will allow changes to the operation.

Op data dialog_small80pct

The Operation Data dialog

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