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Operation Navigator siemens NX

The Operation Navigator has four hierarchical views that you use to create and manage an NC program. Each view organizes the same set of operations based on the theme of the view: the order of operations within the program, the tools used, the geometry machined, or the machining methods used.

Use the Operation Navigator to:

  • Cut or copy and paste operations, programs, methods, or geometry within the setup for a part or between setups for different parts.


    • If you select a geometry or program group to copy, the operations are also copied.

    • If you select a method or tool group to copy, operations are not copied.

  • Drag and drop groups and operations within the setup for a part.

  • Specify common parameters in one group location, such as the Workpiece geometry group. The parameters are passed down (inherited) by operations within the group.

  • Turn on inheritance for specific parameters.

  • Display the tool path and geometry of an operation in the graphics window to quickly see what is defined and which areas are machined.

  • Display the In Process Workpiece (IPW) of a milling or turning operation.

Within the Operation Navigator:

  • A tree structure controls the relationships between groups and operations. The position of a group or operation determines how parameters are passed down (inherited).

  • Individual columns display different types of information. You can customize the general appearance and select the columns to display for each view with the Properties command.


Operation Navigator display options can be turned on or off in Manufacturing Preferences.

setup_geomview setup_methview

Operation Navigator view examples

For more information on the Resource bar, see Resource bar overview.

For information on using the Standard toolbar to copy and paste an object, see General Editing Tools overview.

Where do I find it?



Resource bar

Operation Navigator

Operation Navigator→right-click in the background→Properties

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