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Most machining operations are performed at a permanent
location such as in a machine shop. Some heavy machinery
such as that used in earth moving or logging operations cannot
readily be moved from locations that are often remote.
Also, disassembly and shipping costs along with the downtime
can often be bypassed by using portable machine tools.
Portable boring bars can perform precision boring
operations on-site.


They are quite versatile tools that can be
adapted to most job situations (Figure I-14). Some of these
tools can produce a range of hole diameters from 6 to 36 in.
(153 to 914 mm). These are hydraulically driven machines
that can provide a range of rpm and torque (Figure I-15).

Although milling operations are not necessarily lathe
functions, they are applicable in this category of on-site
machining. Keyways can quickly be cut into any size shaft with
the portable keymill (Figure I-16).



This machine uses an end
mill or other milling tools. It has many applications such as
cutting motor mount slots. An adapter makes cross-milling
possible. Some machinists are routinely sent, along with their
on-site machining equipment, to remote, out-of-the-way
locations to perform their jobs.

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