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Offset geometry from ellipse


  1. (Optional) Right-click, and clear check marks to remove the default settings that affect the results of an offset ellipse.
    • Loop Select¬†Chooses closed loops.
    • Constrain Offset¬†Constrains the distance between the offset geometry and the original ellipse to be equidistant.


  2. Click the ellipse.
  3. Move the cursor to place the offset geometry, and then click to create.
  4. To quit, right-click, and then click Done.
  5. If the new offset is an associative spline, use Dimension to specify an offset distance.
  6. (Optional) To break the association between the ellipse and the offset spline, right-click, and click Convert to Spline. After you break the association, you can add dimensions and constraints separately.Right-click the spline, and then set options to adjust spline shape, if necessary.

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