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NX turning


To generate NC code of turning operation for Lab 6, you need to go through the following steps. Note that these steps are also a summary for the subsequent detailed tutorial.

1. Setup the manufacturing task

a. Open a solid model you have built

b. Create a new manufacturing task

2. Define the manufacturing geometry

a. Establish the machine coordinate system

b. Define the part geometry and blank geometry

c. View the part and blank boundaries

d. Define collision zones

e. Avoid the chuck

3. Define the cutting tools

a. Define the first tool

b. Define the second tool

c. ………..

4. Create the cutting operations

a. Create the first cutting operation

b. Create the second cutting operation

c. ………..

5. Generate the NC codes (Post Process)

6. Run the NC code on a Turning Machine (Lathe) We will follow the previous steps in this tutorial to generate the NC codes for manufacturing a shaft in Lab 6. The raw material we will use is a Delrin rod with a diameter 0.75inch and length 3 inches.



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