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NX Library siemens NX

NX Library is the interface between the manufacturing application and your machining database.

The standard installation for native NX provides an ASCII-based database for cutting tools, holders, machine tools, and feeds and speeds data. This database is filled with some standard information and can be used as a basis for building your own database. This option is suitable for a smaller database with few changes.

The Teamcenter Manufacturing installation provides the Resource Manager, which offers more functionality for creating and classifying your data. Resource Manager is suitable for a large or complex database of tooling and machinability information.

The library function is the same for either database. You can:

  • Store and classify large amounts of tool, machine and feeds and speeds data within Manufacturing

  • Customize the database to suit your needs

  • Retrieve data easily into CAM operations

  • Create new tools and holders and export them to the database.

  • Save time by basing your data structure on the existing tool structure that is delivered with NX Library

The Library allows access to the following types of information:

  • cutting tool

  • tool holder

  • machine tool

  • machine device

  • feeds and speeds

  • setup template

  • CAM output

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