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Multi-Sided Ring Machining ArtCAM JewelSmith

Machining Rings.

The machining of a ring is almost the same process as machining a flat piece. JewelSmith will turn the moves into rotary automatically when it is output in the CNC machine format.

Machining the Star-Ring


  • Select Rotary-Axis and then Forward.


The last rotary defaults are shown.

  • On Rotary-Axis Template, press Select.
  • From ArtCAM Files, select Toolpath Templates/Alcami/Proma PPM/ PPM rotary select rot 2mbn1mbn-5con.tpl and press Open.
  • For the output, select Proma PPM 4 Axis Rotary (X->A) (*.iso ).
  • Leave Jig diameter as 12 .
  • Enter 8 bridges, Forward   and press Accept .
  • Select Ok to accept the Machining.


A new folder has been made with the new copy of the ArtCAM model which contains the toolpaths. Within this folder are the post processed toolpaths.

  • Select the model RotaryAxisRing.art


The copy of the model is opened showing the bridges and the automatically created vectors to limit the toolpaths.

  • Select the toolpaths tab.


Three toolpaths have been created. They can be simulated to show the final result. Note: Simulation is displayed un-wrapped for clarity.

  • Select Simulate All toolpaths.


The simulation shows the toolpath is limited by the vectors.  The model can be closed.


  • In Windows, browse for the folder D:\users\training\COURSEWORK\JewelSmith-Jobs \star-ring-\machining\star-ring_1.




There are four files in this folder. The ArtCAM model and three toolpaths.


The three toolpaths are the ones that are copied over to the PC which runs the CNC machine.





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