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MOM Variables siemens NX

MOM variables are dynamic, and change based on the operation. They may be added or changed with each release.

To get the most complete list of MOM variables use the MOM Variable browser found in Post Builder under Utilities→Browse MOM Variables.


Some variables related directly to the tool path are available only during postprocessing, and are not available in Shop Documentation. If you need to use these, you should use Post to generate your Shop Documentation.

There are many variables available while a shop document is being generated. Different variables are available, depending on what objects are being cycled. For example, mom_tool_diameter is available for a milling tool, but would not be applicable for another object, such as a program or operation.


The system assigns mom variables so that you can access attributes. These variables are named as shown in the table below where <name> represents the original attribute name.

Mom Variable







User defined program group attributes.




User defined tool attributes.




User defined operation attributes.




User defined part attributes.

Review Tool

The best way to determine the available variables is to use the review tool. To activate the review tool, put the following text at the start of the Event Handler Tcl file:


# Turn on the review tool to see the events and variables

source [MOM_ask_env_var UGII_CAM_DEBUG_DIR]mom_review.tcl

MOM_set_debug_mode ON


When you output a Shop Documentation, there is some delay, and then the review tool begins with three columns.

  • Column one displays all the events that were generated.

  • Choose an event in column one, and column two displays the variables set by that event.

  • Column three is used only for Post, and can be ignored.

Generating Shop documentation also produces a debug file which contains a list of all events generated and all the mom variables that were set by the events. When you are finished debugging your Shop Document, simply comment out the above lines in the Tcl file.

When debug mode is on, an additional file <unique_name>_debug.out is generated, containing a log of all events that were generated, and all the mom variables that were set by the events. The following sample is a portion of the file, showing the variables set for a tool header event.

Var: mom_event_error = 
Var: mom_attr_TOOL_MARKTOOL = 11111 
Var: mom_libref = ugti0202_019 
Var: mom_member_count = 1 
Var: mom_template_type = Library 
Var: mom_template_subtype = Insert Cutter 2" 
Var: mom_pocket_id = 
Var: mom_driven_flag = 0 
Var: mom_rotatable_flag = 0 
Var: mom_tool_query = 
Var: mom_tool_holding_system = 330 
Var: mom_preloaded_flag = 0 
Var: mom_mounting_angle = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_partfile_name = ugti0202_019.prt 
Var: mom_tool_material_description = Carbide, Uncoated (Indexable) 
Var: mom_tool_material_code = TMC0_00003 
Var: mom_tool_material_libref = TMC0_00003 
Var: mom_mounting_angle = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_preloaded_flag = 0 
Var: mom_tool_holding_system = 330 
Var: mom_partfile_name = ugti0202_019.prt 
Var: mom_tool_length_adjust_register = 0 
Var: mom_tool_cutcom_register = 0 
Var: mom_tool_number = 0 
Var: mom_tool_catalog_number = ugti0202_019 
Var: mom_tool_direction = 1 
Var: mom_tool_holder_diameter = 2.75591000000000010 
Var: mom_tool_holder_length = 3.93700999999999990 
Var: mom_tool_holder_taper = 0.13962634015954636 
Var: mom_tool_holder_offset = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_diameter = 2.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_length = 2.65469000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_flute_length = 0.60999999999999999 
Var: mom_tool_corner1_radius = 0.06220000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_taper_angle = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_tip_angle = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_flutes_number = 4 
Var: mom_tool_corner1_center_x = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_corner1_center_y = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_corner2_radius = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_corner2_center_x = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_corner2_center_y = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_z_offset = 0.00000000000000000 
Var: mom_tool_name = UGTI0202_019 
Var: mom_tool_type = Milling Tool-5 Parameters 
Var: mom_object_type = 109 
Var: mom_object_id = 846 
Var: mom_object_name = UGTI0202_019 
Var: mom_object_type_name = TOOL 
Var: mom_member_nest_level = 0

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