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Modeling the Chair 3Ds Max

To model the chair, you’ll be taking a different approach. You’ll use a spline
technique that the 3ds Max software is particularly good at. If you are used
to Maya CV curves, the Bezier will seem a bit awkward; but if you are used to
Photoshop’s Pen tool, then the 3ds Max Line tools way of making lines should be pretty easy. It isn’t just the way you make the lines that makes the 3ds Max tools so nice; it’s also the tools you use to make the lines into 3D objects.
Figure 4.16 shows the chair that will be modeled in this section. After saving
the previous exercise’s file, click on the Applications button and choose Reset
from the list that appears. This will set your interface and file back to a startup
state. Start a new 3ds Max file.

FIguRe 4.16 The chair for the spline modeling exercise

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