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Model setup in delcam

Use Model dialog to specify model options.


Model Save As Format

These options are no longer available.

Model Compression

Compress on Close – If selected, a model is compressed when the model is closed after saving.

Compression Limit (%) – The model will reduce in size by at least the percentage entered. For example if 25% is entered, models will only be compressed if they reduce in size by 25% or more.


Set the Time between autosaves (minutes) to regularly save Parasolid (post-version 8) models. This allows model recovery up to the point of the last autosave

Delete Models

Use Recycle Bin – If selected, deleted models are sent to the recycle bin (providing the bin is not full). Otherwise, the models are permanently removed from the system.

Thumbnail Save Mode

This allows you to choose when the thumbnail is saved.

Automatic – A thumbnail is automatically saved when the model is saved.

Manual – This allows you to decide when you want to save the thumbnail.

Model Location

Always save and open from outside the database – If selected, the Save and Open commands will save and open models outside the model database and use the standard Windows dialogs.

Search Paths for Models – This window displays the list of paths that are searched for models. You can change the search list by using the associated buttons.


You can replace a selected path by double-clicking on a path in the window and selecting a replacement path from the Browse for Folder dialog

Model Export

Restrict export by password – If selected, a password is required to export the model.

Most recently used files

Number of files in menu – Enter the quantity of recently opened models to be listed at the bottom of the File menu in Recent Files. The default is 4 and the maximum number of files in the list is 20.

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