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Migrating from Mastercam X6 to X8

Okay, you’re comfortable programming in Mastercam X6, but now you realize that you need to take the plunge and load the latest version., which is now Mastercam X8.

You may ask yourself, “What about my existing post processors?

If you’re using the generic post processors that are included with Mastercam X6, and you did not make any edits to those posts, you can use the matching generic posts that are available with X8. If you purchased custom posts, or modified posts yourself, you need to update those to Mastercam X8.

Don’t worry too much. It’s an easy process:

First thing to do is copy the X6 files from their current location into a folder you have easy access to:

STEP 1: Create a folder on your Desktop called X6.

STEP 2: Add a subfolder called CNC_MACHINES to X6.

STEP 3: Copy the custom Machine Definition files (.MMD-6) and the custom Control files (.CONTROL-6) from\Shared Mcamx6\ CNC_MACHINES and paste into the new \X6\ CNC_MACHINES folder you just created.

STEP 4: Add another subfolder to X6 and call it Mill.

STEP 5: Open the Mill folder you just created and add a new subfolder called Posts.

**(At this step, if you have Lathe, Router or Wire posts, you would create the Lathe, Router, or Wiresubfolders and then the Posts subfolders)

STEP 6: Copy the custom Post Processor files (.PST) and their companion file (.PSB) from \shared mcamcx6\Mill\Posts and paste into the new \X6\Mill\Posts folder you just created.

X6 folders

You went through all of that folder creation in order to mimic the folder structure in X6. When you do the actual migration, the updated files will then automatically go where they belong.

STEP 7: Open Mastercam X8, go to the File menu and select Migration Wizard.

Migration Menu 1

Select the Advanced option.

Migration menu 2

STEP 9: Set the File Locations.

Check Migrate shared mcamx files.

Browse to the X6 folder on the Desktop and click OK.

Check the Include Subfolders checkbox.

Leave the destination to shared mcamx8.

Click Next.

File location

STEP 10: Set the File Types.

Pick Control definitions, Machine definitions and Post files from the File Types list.

Click Next.

file types

 STEP 11: Set the Version.

Click Next.


Click Next.

STEP 12: Click Finish.

The migration is complete and you will see an UpdatePost.log file open.

Close the UpdatePost.log file.

Click OK to see the results in the Mastercam Event Log.

Check in your \shared mcamx8\CNC_MACHINES folder and you’ll see the updated versions of your custom files.

Thank for reading. I hope you found the information useful. Please return to www.cadcamengineering.net for more great Mastercam tips and tricks, educational content, and updates.


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