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Migrate library with custom classes or fields siemens NX

Repeat this procedure for both the english and metric folders where you have no custom classes. you must not mix units in the same file.

  1. If you defined custom classes in your older database, in the tool_database.dat file for the newer version of NX, add #CLASS, FORMAT, and #END_DATA records in the appropriate position for each custom class.

    This step is required so that the conversion program can copy tools from custom classes.

  2. Start the Manufacturing application.

  3. Choose ToolsConvert Tool Library.

  4. In the Convert Tool Database dialog box, navigate to and select your existing tool library, and click OK.

    For example, to browse for the English file in a default location, you might select …\NX 7..0\MACH\resource\library\tool\english\tool_database.dat.

  5. Using a text editor, open the file <input_file_name>_converted.dat file in the same folder as your original input database file and search for DATA records.

    You must copy any DATA records that are in this file and paste them into the correct tool class in tool_database.dat. You must then edit the records to match the format of their class.

  6. If you added new fields to existing classes, verify in the file dbc_tool_build_ascii.tcl that the field is in the right place in each class that you modified.

    The conversion program appends your fields at the end of the FORMAT statement. This step assures that your field will be in the correct place when you export a tool.

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