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Method 4: History, Recreate, and Rebuild gibbscam

You use the History, Recreate, and Rebuild functions to make the necessary changes. The History lists maintain all of the bodies that are used to create any model. Anytime a solid is created or modified, it is assigned a name and reference. If a modification is made to an existing solid, a new solid with a new reference is created. The Recreate function is the only exception to this; it allows you to make modifications to an existing solid without creating a new solid. Recreate changes the existing solid while maintaining the original name and reference. The solid that was recreated now exists in the History list, while the original solid that was modified no longer exists—it has effectively been deleted from the system. It cannot be retrieved. The Rebuild function simply reprocesses the History list of a model. The only way to change a model using the Rebuild function is by making modifications to a solid in the history of that model using the Recreate function.

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