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Mesh option in Rapidform XOR


Mesh command allows you to edit or add mesh in the mesh mode. In the mesh mode, you can heal, optimize, reconstruct, and modify a mesh. You can commit each function for whole mesh or only selected Poly-Faces. If you want to edit your mesh data, double click in the Feature Tree or Model View. If you run Insert > Mesh without selecting a mesh, the application creates empty room for mesh. So you can add mesh by coping original mesh in this room.

Error Healing Tools

-Find Defect

-Healing Wizard

-Fix Normal

-Edit Boundaries

-Sew Boundaries

Optimization Tools

-Fill Holes


-Remove Marker

-Add Poly-Face


-Interactive Edit




Reconstruction Tools



-Optimize Mesh

-Edit Poly-Edge

-Virtual Rescan

Modification Tools









Navigation Palette

You can navigate using this tool palette.

l Holes– You can select an item that you want and navigate it by clicking << or >> button. If you click Select button, you can select navigated item.

How to use Mesh command

Select a mesh and clickimage47_485 button in the Tool Palette, or click Insert >Mesh. You can directly enter to the Mesh Mode by double clicking a mesh.


Now, you are in the Mesh Mode. The toolbar is changed so you can use a function in the Tool > Mesh Tools.


Enable Poly-Face in the Selection Filter and select Poly-Faces.
Click Edit > Delete or Delete button on the keyboard.
Do one of command in the Tools > Mesh Tools.

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