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Mastercam X7 Multiaxis toolpaths Tutorial

 mastercam multiaxis

Using this tutorial, you will learn the advanced features of mastercam to start using 4-5 axis machining. You will need to know all the basic features in Mastercam Mill before taking this Course. Multi-Axis Features includes Curve, Port, Swarf, Multi-surface, and many more.  Exercise-based training takes you step by step each exercise to show you how to program a part from beginning to finish. Includes a chapter on “what’s new in Mastercam X7 Multi-Axis” features to keep you updated with the newest mastercam version. 

Multiaxis toolpaths. 4

Collision control4

3 to 5 Axis Conversion Params page. 4

Advanced Options for Moving Tool Away page. 4

Advanced Options for Retracting Tool Along Tool Axis page. 5

Advanced Parameters for Gouge Checking page. 5

Automatic Tilting Params page. 6

Collision Control page. 7

Parameters for Tilt Tool Away with Max Angle page. 7

Smoothing Parameters page. 8

Tool Clearances page. 8

Common pages. 9

Advanced Feed Rate Control Parameters page. 9

Clearance Area page. 10

Machine Definition page. 11

Misc page. 11

Options to create geometry page. 12

Point or direction input page. 12

Spindle Direction page. 13

Toolpath to 5axis page. 13

Utility page. 13

Custom app. 14

Blade Root Machining page. 14

Cavity Collision Control Curve page. 15

Cavity Tiltcurve page. 15

Electrode Machining page. 16

Impeller Blade Swarf Finishing page. 17

Impeller Floorsurface page. 17

Impeller Floorsurface Without Tiltcurve page. 18

Projection page. 19

Swarf Milling page. 19

Cut pattern. 20

2d Containment page. 20

Advanced Options for Spiral Machining page. 21

Advanced Options for Surface Quality page. 21

Advanced Options of Surface Paths Pattern page. 22

Angle Range page. 23

Cut Pattern page. 24

Depth step page. 24

Extend Trim page. 25

Limit Cuts Between 2 Points page. 25

Machining Direction for Triangle Mesh page. 26

Margins page. 26

Parameters for Surface Edge Handling page. 27

Rest Finishing page. 28

Rest Roughing page. 28

Round Corners page. 29

Silhouette Containment page. 30

Start Point Parameters page. 30

Linking. 31

Default Lead in out page. 31

Distances page. 32

Linking page. 32

Port Expert33

Collision Control page (Port Expert)33

Cut Pattern page (Port Expert)34

Linking page (Port Expert)35

Tool Axis Control page (Port Expert)36

Blade Expert37

Cut Pattern page (Blade Expert)37

Part Definition page (Blade Expert)38

Tool Axis Control (Blade Expert)39

Linking page (Blade Expert)40

Edges page (Blade Expert)40

Roughing. 41

Area Roughing page. 41

Depth Cuts page. 42

Morph Pocket page. 43

Multi passes page. 43

Plunge page. 44

Rotate Toolpath page. 45

Roughing page. 46

Sorting Options for Roughing page. 46

Stock Definition Parameters page. 47

Tool axis control48

4th Axis page. 48

Additional Lead Angle page. 48

Advanced Options for Tilting Relative to Cutting Direction page. 49

Limits page. 50

Line page. 50

Tool Axis Control page. 51

Tool Plane Direction for 3 Axis page. 52

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