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Mastercam x6- Dynamic Milling


hình minh họa
hình minh họa

Mastercam’s 2D high speed dynamic milling toolpaths utilize the entire flute length
of their cutting tools to achieve great efficiency in milling. They are designed to
maximize material removal while minimizing tool wear.
Additional benefits you gain by using high speed dynamic milling toolpaths include:
ƒ – Tool burial avoidance
ƒ – Minimum heat buildup
ƒ – Better chip evacuation
This tutorial introduces you to all of the following intelligent application-specific 2D
high speed dynamic milling toolpaths available in Mastercam.
Dynamic Area MillMachines pockets using one or more chains to drive the toolpath. The chain that encompasses the largest 2D area contains the toolpath; all
subsequent chains are considered islands. Use Dynamic Area Mill for parts you
normally would machine with a Pocket toolpath



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