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Mastercam x6 – basic 3D design

basic 3d design


After you have mastered drawing parts with Mastercam’s 2D functions, you are ready to move onto 3D part drawing. Drawing in 3D opens a whole new world of possibilities. In this tutorial, you learn many 3D drawing techniques as you construct the connector and tool holder parts, shown in the following pictures.
The tutorial titled Basic 2D Design covers 2D drawing with Mastercam. Before
attempting this 3D tutorial, you must be familiar with the 2D techniques demonstrated in the 2D tutorial.
Tutorial Goals
ƒ 1. Use construction planes in a 3D environment.
ƒ 2. Create 3D geometry from 2D parts using translation and offsetting.
ƒ 3. Define custom views using 3D Dynamic Planes.
ƒ 4. Use levels to organize 3D geometry.
ƒ 5. Generate 3D surfaces.
ƒ 6. Use construction lines as reference geometry.
ƒ 7. Use Mastercam’s Trim features to clean up your part


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